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TaskScheduler ASP.NET

Simple Example of how to schedule tasks in ASP.NET. works in WebForms, MVC and others, dont need requests or infinite loops. provides full control over the tasks and control tasks in any project site.

The secret is to use the Hosting Environment: HostingEnvoriment in System.Web.Hosting namespace.

The test were performed on two machines:

In a Windows Vista Business 32bit with ISS7 and a server with Windows 2008 R2 64Bit and IIS7. Of course, both in FULL-TRUST

The example is in ASP WebForms 2.0. NET 4 using to monitor a webservice called by Ajax with JQuery.

Demo Screenshots:

Demo 1 - Waiting to Execute...

Demo 1

Demo 2 - Executing and Getting the Log:

Demo 2

Release 2

Manager Screen - Adding a UserTask

Demo 4

Manager Screen - UserTask Fired

Demo 3

The Documentation is in the project!

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